There Is More Pressure Than Ever Before On The Food Industry To Ensure The Safety Of Food Supply. However, Current Food Paper Packaging Materials Are Coated Only With Varnishes That Provide Protection Against Mechanical Or Atmospheric Damage. Active Paper Packaging Materials With Antibacterial Properties Are Therefore In Demand To Prevent Foodborne Illness Caused By Bacterial Contamination In The Packaging.


Papel™ Offers, For The First Time, A Germ-repellent Solution To Minimize The Risk Of Contamination. Instead Of Using A Common Antibacterial Solution Such As Biocides, Papel Is A Built-in Germ-repellent Anti-fouling Varnish For All Sort Of Papers. Targeting Food Packaging Industry And Focuses On Repelling Both Gram-positive And Gram-negative Bacteria, Including Escherichia Coli And Staphylococcus Aureus, Two Most Comment And Dangerous Causes Of Food Poisoning.